The HIDDE Story

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Browse our collection of contemporary european furniture. Bring art to your interior with handcrafted designer pieces.

There is beauty
in the DarkLight

Craftsmanship and technology.

Tradition and innovation.

Art and design.

The greatest things are often created through synergy.

That’s why the first HIDDE Collection is a collaboration between Berlin-based interior designer Nora von Nordenskjöld, the artist Elisabeth Ehmann, and many other masters in their own field. This is a unique collaboration that brings timeless pieces to life. And into your space, too.

Products from the Collection

At HIDDE, we believe the most beautiful things are always hidden in unlikely places.

Passion, dedication, precision, and a genuine love for beauty come from hidden places within us.

As furniture designers, we create superior aesthetic experiences by combining the tradition of craftsmanship with the precision of technological innovation. Our mission is to bring functional art into your space.