At HIDDE, we believe the most beautiful things are always hidden in unlikely places.

Passion, dedication, precision, and a genuine love for beauty come from hidden places within us.

As furniture designers, we create superior aesthetic experiences by combining the tradition of craftsmanship with the precision of technological innovation. Our mission is to bring functional art into your space.

By testing old and new ways of working, we pay attention to every detail.
Every surface. Every material. Every millimetre. The details are not just details. They make the design unique and artistic, without compromising the important functional element.

At HIDDE, we do not make furniture pieces; we create furniture masterpieces – art in the form of functional furniture.

And some pieces come with a hidden element waiting for you to be discovered. Some things are not to be just seen, but also experienced.
So, make room for timeless and unique furniture that will bring beauty into your space.

By mixing noble materials, soft forms and rich textures with essential functions of the everyday lifestyle, designed by numerous artisans and craftsmen from Europe, the HIDDE Collection makes room for the ultimate modern sophistication: simplicity.

We are HIDDE, home to exceptional contemporary european furniture. Discover our collection of high end functional design furniture and bring art to your interior.

Art and Design

A Collaboration
Between Art and Design

Craftsmanship and technology.

Tradition and innovation.

Art and design.

The greatest things are often created through synergy.

That’s why the first HIDDE Collection is a collaboration between Berlin-based interior designer Nora von Nordenskjöld, the artist Elisabeth Ehmann, and many other masters in their own field.

This is a unique collaboration that brings timeless pieces to life.

And into your space, too.

The HIDDE Story

The Hidde Story:
How It All Started

30 years of tradition.
Hidden in one brand.

The owners and creators of the HIDDE brand, Antea and Matej, were born in a family that has been creating exceptional furniture for over 30 years.

Their parents, founders of the Internova company, shared with them the legacy of craftsmanship, production, and dedication to detail.

This experience helped them to understand how to create furniture pieces that are truly individual and will exceed all the expectations.

When Internova was celebrating 30 years of heritage, both Antea and Matej wanted to tell their own story, to share their own vision, and to leave their own legacy.

That’s why they, working with designers and artists, curated the collection that represents their own vision of aesthetic and timeless furniture.

That’s how HIDDE was born.

The HIDDE Story

By combining traditional craftsmanship and contemporary elegance, HIDDE creates extraordinary pieces of furniture and unique items for both hospitality and private residential spaces.

For HIDDE and its founders, the guiding principle is to create functional furniture art pieces that will complement each space and design.

About the Artists


Nora von Nordenskjöld imagines and develops eclectic, iconic works that explore a rich emotional continuum, from whimsical play to the darkly dramatic. Her creative output pays homage to heritage and history, draws upon the harmonious cycles and patterns inherent in nature, and defies boundaries of contemporary design.


At the core of her process is a native knack for technical precision and discipline, which she imbues with an exuberant, cosmopolitan spirit cultivated over 12 years living abroad, in 7 different countries, on 3 different continents.

Photography by Ulf Saupe

Photography by Markus Lambert

About the Artists


Elisabeth Ehmann creates a fragmented, eclectic, almost fantastical work. Very aesthetic and sleek, varnished and embellished, the works of Ehmann are sensual detractions.

Her art invites you to look further into the symbolism and asks you to interpret their meanings for yourself, while her attention to detail tends to give a sense of a mannerist gesture.

Elisabeth Ehmann has previously experimented with mesh and prints and exhibits regularly in both group and solo shows nationally and internationally.

We learn from
them all.

Not only do we collaborate with artists of national and international recognition, but we also work hand in hand with suppliers and customers, from whom we learn every day.

With respect to the product, fourteen suppliers worked together to create pieces for The HIDDE Darklight Collection.

Every one of them is an artisan in their own field, an artisan that understands the nature of the materials, working to bring out their unique characteristics and particular properties. In order to maintain the spirit of the crafts in each single profession, the main guideline for the HIDDE collection is to put our respect for design and craftmanship at the forefront.

After all, we at HIDDE believe that knowledge and talent must be shared.