Hand-made Furniture

There is beauty
in the DarkLight

Hidde`s The DarkLight collection is made by European artisans.

For its fresh and first collection, Hidde entrusted the design of its pieces to interior designer Nora von Nordjenskold, and the artist Elisabeth Ehmann, both Berlin based.

Fourteen European suppliers work together to create pieces for this Masterpiece collection.

Each and every one of them is an artisan in their own field, the artisan that understands the nature of the materials, working to bring out their unique characteristics and particular properties.

That’s why each piece of the first HIDDE Furniture Collection is named after the number of people who worked on that very piece.


By mixing noble materials, purity of lines and essential functions of the everyday lifestyle, the HIDDE Collection makes room for the ultimate sophistication: simplicity.  

To achieve this simplicity, numerous artisans and craftsmen participated in the creation of the first HIDDE collection.

That’s why each piece of the first HIDDE Furniture Collection is named after the number of people who worked on that very piece.

Delivered by the honest hands of our remarkable manufacturers, some pieces of furniture come with a hidden element waiting to be discovered.

Moreover, each component in the collection is eco-friendly, plastic-free, and with a low CO2 foot print.

Together with our partners, we have all become more mindful of our planet, a product’s life cycle, and our role between the two. From greater supply chain transparency and local, ethical sourcing to the use of natural materials, we aim to create a more sustainable environment for the generations to come – and furniture pieces that will resist the test of time.

Based on the materials used, you will find two main streams inside the HIDDE Collection.

They are called ‘The Dark Matter’ and ‘The Light Matter’.