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A functional art piece.
And a timeless classic.

The HIDDE Freestanding Wardrobe Closet offers one type of thoughtfully designed wardrobe, creating a „piece of mind “ state when placed in a room.

Give your fashionable clothes the stylish home they deserve with this must-have closet storage system.

Crafted of hard and durable oak wood, this closet is standing on two elegant and sleek metal legs made from aged brass with hand patinated effect, semi-matte nickle or powder coated effect. Behind the simplicity of design, engineering part hides all the technologically developed solutions. The setup of the unit combines a main closet with separated interior, a side chest of drawers and a mirror unit.

Enjoy our clean-lined and freestanding spacious storage solution.

Product Info

The main closet unit is produced of hard-pressed oak veneer on hardwood panels. The door frame is made of solid wood, while the inserts can be chosen from either transparent flute glass or with woven metal mesh in fishbone pattern, that can also be enriched with a print containing an original pattern made by the artist Elisabeth Ehmann.

Closet interior is separated by vertical wooden panel on two sides. One is hanging and one is combination of hanging with set of glass shelves. Underneath both sides is a drawer with seamless and slim metal fronts.

The external wooden closet sides are framed with thick aged brass with hand patinated or power coated effect trims. The interiors feature a wide range of optional accessories, including LED lighting, designed small spotlights on the top of the closet with honeycomb diffusors.

Visible chest of drawers offers a unique and simple organisation system in one of its drawers, and comfortable use of space in drawers under. A small spot lamp on the part of the units acts as a bold statement of the elements creating a small showcase of one luxury goods.

On the other hand side, is a rotatable mirror in beautiful and smooth solid wooden frame with a soft upholstered back with print containing an original pattern made by the artist Elisabeth Ehmann.

Available in one size.

Width 2400 mm x depth 600 mm x height 2160 mm